Tomato Time

For the last week or so I've been trying to get pictures of the inside of our house for the listing.  Trying to get pictures of a cracker jack house with four people in it while its raining outside has been a bit of a test.  But, we are done with that now.  Since that was our (my) priority our garden has not gotten any attention.  I have gone through and messed with the dirt and pulled the weeds out.  Today we finally got around to doing something about the plants.  

This year we just decided to do tomatoes.  Everyone here seems to love them and so we are planting about 10 plants and we'll see how many really come up and do well.  Our raised beds are ready for the plants but if I give my children the option to "work" in the dirt then all the dirt mysteriously gets out of the beds.  Then someone "mysteriously" gets water and the dirt turns to mud then everyone needs showers.  (I know this story all to well, it just happened Sunday after church.)  So...to eliminate all of this for now we are just putting them in cups.  After they begin to take off then we will transplant.

Little dude didn't want to help us, which was totally fine by this mom.  He just roamed around the plants in the front.

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