June Pics in Review

A fresh haircut for summer
"School" time during rest time
Sometimes when you are the littlest life isn't fair
Nice goggles dude!
Ice cream anyone?
Bee hunting...all fun until you get stung twice.  Right Chaney?
Taking it easy
Monster University with mammaw and papaw
Sock with sandals?  Yep, that's how little dude rolls

Jac's hitting form
Little dude hiding inside the blinds
My boys
Jillian & I meet up every Mon-Wed-Fri morning.  I'm never happy to see her, but my abs are

The littles went to the bank with me and got a sweet treat
Tucker learning to mow....pretty sure its in his blood
Chaney (gross) bug that she found and played with
Pais sleeping
Rigley playing with my fat roll and loving it....me, not so much
Rigley loves it when Chaney reads to him.  Its very cute!
We found a turtle strolling through our yard.
Chaney's card she made US on HER birthday
Sharing a homemade milkshake with my baby

Kids in the cargo top
Week 2 of VBS
My diva eating a pop cycle
Daddy reading to the littles
Finally broke the 5 mi mark on my run
Thumb sucking 18 months into your life...sure
My loves
Rigley wallering on me while I'm trying to exercise
Easiest way to get around a store, put them all on and make sure they hold on



A few years ago I did a post called "Let Them Be Little" and made a video of our family.  This video has seriously been one of my kid's favorites.  They loves to watch it and see themselves when they were little.  For the last few months they have been begging that I make another one...so I did.  I will apologize in advance because it is about 15 minutes long.  If you like us and our kids then you really won't mind the length.  As I say that some of you may find it boring.  But in sticking with the theme of this blog, it is about our memories as a family.  Watching this video I see how quickly time is really flying by.  My babies are growing so fast....


Fair Day

Today was a busy day for us.  The two big kids are doing another VBS this week.  Each morning they go from 9am-noon.  Today we picked them up and went straight over to Nicole's pool and swam for a couple of hours.  We packed our lunch and had a great time with friends.  Please forgive me for not taking pictures.  When we are around a pool (and I'm running solo) I don't get my phone out at all.  My attention is constantly on these four kids making sure they are ok.  After VBS, swimming, a one hour nap for the littles we quickly ate dinner here at home then went to the fair.  Josh was able to get home from work eat quickly then joined us.  The kids loved seeing the animals.  Rigley was ok with every animal except for the sheep.  He freaked in the sheep barn.  Not exactly sure what it was that he didn't like.

The kids always love it when they can get in the big tractors.  Tucker can almost fit inside the tire of this tractor if this tells you how big it is.

And they like the gators....

While at the fair we saw the Deugan family so Keon jumped up in the tractor with all our kids.  He fit right in...blonde hair, blue eyes and all


Nothing...but Everything

After the VBS program Thursday night the three bigs went to Dad & Barbara's.  They stayed most of the day Friday and were just plain tired.  The week had worn them out.  This morning we said we would stay home and do nothing.  We promised we would get the pools and the slide out this morning. Today's forecast was supposed to be pretty toasty so it was a perfect day for the pools.  After we set them up the kids loved it.  On purpose we usually set the slide up on one side of the yard and the pools on the other.  We try to wear them out as much as we can...and it usually works! It was fun to see how Rigley reacted to the pools and slide.  He loved playing with the balls in the pool.  He would hang over the side and finally got brave enough to get in. 

This is how we found him most of the time trying to climb up it...

When Rigley went down for his nap then Josh took the big kids over to the school park to ride their bikes.  Pais is now riding a big big with training wheels.  It's been a few weeks since Tucker has rode a bike without training wheels.  While Josh was getting all the bikes out of the van Tucker grabbed his bike and took off on his own.  Josh said he looked like a pro and that he had been doing it for months.  Tucker has a really strong core.  He likes do break dance and do gymnasts type moves all around the house.   He really does have good balance so we figured teaching him wouldn't be too hard.


VBS Week

Whew!  VBS came to a close tonight.  This week is usually very busy for the entire family.  Josh and I usually do shifts.  I go early each evening and help with registration then he brings the kids, I take the littles and go home and he stays and does video and picture work.  Then, he brings home the big kids each night.  This system has worked out pretty well for us over the last few years.  VBS always takes more of a toll on Josh than the rest of us.  Each evening he would prepare a video of the night's activities.  If you know anything about video editing it is very tedious work.  Each night was extremely late for him especially Wednesday night.  Each year he is in charge of the video to show at the closing program.  He does such an awesome job and really enjoys it all.

Here is Chaney and her buddy Allison.  Allison was able to come every night but Thursday, she missed the program.

Tucker kind of looks freaky here...

You can barely see Tucker in the pic below, he is standing behind the blonde headed kid with a green polo shirt under his VBS shirt.

Chaney is smack dab in the middle of this pic.  We had front row seats for the program but both of the kids were on the left side of the stage and we were on the right.

All week the kids had a contest who could bring in the most food for the food pantry.  If the boys won then  Miss Mary and Victoria (intern) had to kiss the farm animals.  If the girls won then pastor Hubert and pastor Kris had to kiss the farm animals.  Well....the girls won by about 20 points.

The kids had a great week.  We had about 130 volunteers.  All of the workers do such a fabulous job.  We had 360 different kids within the four days.  Hopefully many seeds were planted and these kid will come to know Jesus.


Chaney is 7

Happy 7th Birthday Chaney!!!

What a year!  You are now seven years old and getting ready to enter first grade.  How can that be?  Just yesterday I thought for sure we were bringing you home from the hospital and you were teaching us how to be parents.    

In the last year your two front teeth FINALLY decided to come back in.  For a few months there we were not sure that they were ever going to come back in.  Kindergarten was so much fun for you.  You really didn't like the homework part, but really who does?  You are seriously head and shoulders taller than everyone else in your grade.  We still think holding you back one year was such a good idea.  We feel like you have benefitted so much from this and will help you.  Not only did you go to school for the first time but you also were involved in Awanas this year.  Awanas really helped with your memorization of scripture.

Miss Chaney, you can certainly tell you are the oldest.  Sometimes your "bossiness" shines through.  When you are fighting with your siblings I can often hear you use lines that your dad and I have used on you.  Actually, it is very funny but we try to not let you see us laugh.  You are a very good big sister.  You lead by example and are always looking out for the younger ones.

Chaney, you have such a sweet heart and care very much for people and animals.  You love to play with babies and are very good with them.  I think babysitting will definitely be a good job for you.  Hearing you talk about God and Jesus is something that makes your dad and I very proud.  When we hear this it makes us feel like we are doing something right.

You are still a pack rat and love to keep everything.  Sometimes it makes your parents crazy.  Over the last year you have taken more of in interest in sports.  This fall you will play in your first soccer league. I do see your competitive side and think that this will drive you to be a great athlete.  You strive to be the very best in all you do.  

Drawing and writing are still things you love to do.  We often find cards tucked away in drawers telling us that you love us.  These are so nice to find.  You are expanding your reading and writing everyday.  You are constantly asking what words are and how they sound.  It is fun to see your little mind at work.

Chaney, we love you so much!  You bring so much joy, laughter and silliness to our lives.  You are the first one that joined us on this journey of parenthood and you have been so very patient with us and quick to forgive us when we make mistakes.  It is so much fun to watch you grow and develop into a beautiful little girl.  Each year we see the Lord working in your life, even though you may not see or know it yet.  This year has been incredible for you.  We can't wait to see what the next year brings.  We Love you bunches, Chaney!

Birthday Day

Normally around here birthday morning means eating whatever you want.  This morning was different.  Chaney's friend invited her to go to her VBS this morning.  Since it was Chaney's birthday, we gave her the option to do what she wanted.  She wanted to go so we had to get her up and ready early.  She was out the door by 7:30 am.  Because no one else was up we decided to do her cake later.

Chaney & Allison at Allison's VBS.

After lunch and Chaney got home then we all were able to indulge with her...

Allison has been attending VBS with us all week.  I'm pretty sure these two little girls could spend days together and be ok with it.  They are very cute together. 

After VBS Josh dropped Tucker by the house and the little three went to bed.  Josh took Chaney and Allison out to Orange Leaf for some frozen froyo.  Pretty sure they enjoyed themselves.  Josh got a few good laughs from these two...


Father's Day

This morning the kids got up and gave their daddy his cards and present.  Chaney made his coffee while he opened everything.

Before church we got a few pics.  These pics actually turned out really well.

After church we ran home, finished making fruit salad, changed clothes, Josh ran to Kopper Kettle to grab the food and we were off to Sarah's.  Sarah and Tommy have been in their new house about a month now.  It was nice we could all hang out there while the kids swam.  The weather was really not warm enough for the adults to swim but Rick did jump in with ALL of his church clothes on.  Rick being Rick!

We have had the sprinkler on a few times this summer but haven't had our pools out.  We were not real sure how Rigley would do so we watched him very close.  At first he like watching everyone.  After about an hour he started to get really brave and was walking around the pool.  With all the kids around I didn't feel comfortable with this so we put his puddle jumper on over his clothes.  At least this way if he got bumped in then he would float.  After about another hour Josh dipped Rigley's feet in.  He was sold.  After that he stayed at the step kicking his feet and building up his confidence.

Pais was quite the water bug too.  We made her wear her life jacket and she was comfortable with it on.  She did fall in one time in the deep end.  She was kind of freaked for a minute but was then fine.

Pool time was a good test for the family.  We leave for Hilton Head in about 25 days so we all want the kids getting used to the water.  I'm sure we'll have lots of little ones in life jackets running around.  With all these little people the adults are always on the their toes when it come to pool time.

The kids were so exhausted. Pretty sure Rigley won the award for the "worst kid" today.  We had to wake him up early for church then he had no nap.  He finally lost it about 3:30, about two hours passed his nap time.  He screamed and cried about everything.  After he got that out of his system he was better.  We got in the car and in about two minutes we saw this...

Swimming takes it out of them.  Rigley's face isn't burned.  He fell before we went to Sarah's so he has a "road rash."