Chaney is 7

Happy 7th Birthday Chaney!!!

What a year!  You are now seven years old and getting ready to enter first grade.  How can that be?  Just yesterday I thought for sure we were bringing you home from the hospital and you were teaching us how to be parents.    

In the last year your two front teeth FINALLY decided to come back in.  For a few months there we were not sure that they were ever going to come back in.  Kindergarten was so much fun for you.  You really didn't like the homework part, but really who does?  You are seriously head and shoulders taller than everyone else in your grade.  We still think holding you back one year was such a good idea.  We feel like you have benefitted so much from this and will help you.  Not only did you go to school for the first time but you also were involved in Awanas this year.  Awanas really helped with your memorization of scripture.

Miss Chaney, you can certainly tell you are the oldest.  Sometimes your "bossiness" shines through.  When you are fighting with your siblings I can often hear you use lines that your dad and I have used on you.  Actually, it is very funny but we try to not let you see us laugh.  You are a very good big sister.  You lead by example and are always looking out for the younger ones.

Chaney, you have such a sweet heart and care very much for people and animals.  You love to play with babies and are very good with them.  I think babysitting will definitely be a good job for you.  Hearing you talk about God and Jesus is something that makes your dad and I very proud.  When we hear this it makes us feel like we are doing something right.

You are still a pack rat and love to keep everything.  Sometimes it makes your parents crazy.  Over the last year you have taken more of in interest in sports.  This fall you will play in your first soccer league. I do see your competitive side and think that this will drive you to be a great athlete.  You strive to be the very best in all you do.  

Drawing and writing are still things you love to do.  We often find cards tucked away in drawers telling us that you love us.  These are so nice to find.  You are expanding your reading and writing everyday.  You are constantly asking what words are and how they sound.  It is fun to see your little mind at work.

Chaney, we love you so much!  You bring so much joy, laughter and silliness to our lives.  You are the first one that joined us on this journey of parenthood and you have been so very patient with us and quick to forgive us when we make mistakes.  It is so much fun to watch you grow and develop into a beautiful little girl.  Each year we see the Lord working in your life, even though you may not see or know it yet.  This year has been incredible for you.  We can't wait to see what the next year brings.  We Love you bunches, Chaney!

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