Fair Day

Today was a busy day for us.  The two big kids are doing another VBS this week.  Each morning they go from 9am-noon.  Today we picked them up and went straight over to Nicole's pool and swam for a couple of hours.  We packed our lunch and had a great time with friends.  Please forgive me for not taking pictures.  When we are around a pool (and I'm running solo) I don't get my phone out at all.  My attention is constantly on these four kids making sure they are ok.  After VBS, swimming, a one hour nap for the littles we quickly ate dinner here at home then went to the fair.  Josh was able to get home from work eat quickly then joined us.  The kids loved seeing the animals.  Rigley was ok with every animal except for the sheep.  He freaked in the sheep barn.  Not exactly sure what it was that he didn't like.

The kids always love it when they can get in the big tractors.  Tucker can almost fit inside the tire of this tractor if this tells you how big it is.

And they like the gators....

While at the fair we saw the Deugan family so Keon jumped up in the tractor with all our kids.  He fit right in...blonde hair, blue eyes and all

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