Father's Day

This morning the kids got up and gave their daddy his cards and present.  Chaney made his coffee while he opened everything.

Before church we got a few pics.  These pics actually turned out really well.

After church we ran home, finished making fruit salad, changed clothes, Josh ran to Kopper Kettle to grab the food and we were off to Sarah's.  Sarah and Tommy have been in their new house about a month now.  It was nice we could all hang out there while the kids swam.  The weather was really not warm enough for the adults to swim but Rick did jump in with ALL of his church clothes on.  Rick being Rick!

We have had the sprinkler on a few times this summer but haven't had our pools out.  We were not real sure how Rigley would do so we watched him very close.  At first he like watching everyone.  After about an hour he started to get really brave and was walking around the pool.  With all the kids around I didn't feel comfortable with this so we put his puddle jumper on over his clothes.  At least this way if he got bumped in then he would float.  After about another hour Josh dipped Rigley's feet in.  He was sold.  After that he stayed at the step kicking his feet and building up his confidence.

Pais was quite the water bug too.  We made her wear her life jacket and she was comfortable with it on.  She did fall in one time in the deep end.  She was kind of freaked for a minute but was then fine.

Pool time was a good test for the family.  We leave for Hilton Head in about 25 days so we all want the kids getting used to the water.  I'm sure we'll have lots of little ones in life jackets running around.  With all these little people the adults are always on the their toes when it come to pool time.

The kids were so exhausted. Pretty sure Rigley won the award for the "worst kid" today.  We had to wake him up early for church then he had no nap.  He finally lost it about 3:30, about two hours passed his nap time.  He screamed and cried about everything.  After he got that out of his system he was better.  We got in the car and in about two minutes we saw this...

Swimming takes it out of them.  Rigley's face isn't burned.  He fell before we went to Sarah's so he has a "road rash."

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Emily said...

I glanced at that picture of Rick before I read the post and thought he had on a wet suit at the pool! Hahaha!!