June Pics in Review

A fresh haircut for summer
"School" time during rest time
Sometimes when you are the littlest life isn't fair
Nice goggles dude!
Ice cream anyone?
Bee hunting...all fun until you get stung twice.  Right Chaney?
Taking it easy
Monster University with mammaw and papaw
Sock with sandals?  Yep, that's how little dude rolls

Jac's hitting form
Little dude hiding inside the blinds
My boys
Jillian & I meet up every Mon-Wed-Fri morning.  I'm never happy to see her, but my abs are

The littles went to the bank with me and got a sweet treat
Tucker learning to mow....pretty sure its in his blood
Chaney (gross) bug that she found and played with
Pais sleeping
Rigley playing with my fat roll and loving it....me, not so much
Rigley loves it when Chaney reads to him.  Its very cute!
We found a turtle strolling through our yard.
Chaney's card she made US on HER birthday
Sharing a homemade milkshake with my baby

Kids in the cargo top
Week 2 of VBS
My diva eating a pop cycle
Daddy reading to the littles
Finally broke the 5 mi mark on my run
Thumb sucking 18 months into your life...sure
My loves
Rigley wallering on me while I'm trying to exercise
Easiest way to get around a store, put them all on and make sure they hold on

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