Nothing...but Everything

After the VBS program Thursday night the three bigs went to Dad & Barbara's.  They stayed most of the day Friday and were just plain tired.  The week had worn them out.  This morning we said we would stay home and do nothing.  We promised we would get the pools and the slide out this morning. Today's forecast was supposed to be pretty toasty so it was a perfect day for the pools.  After we set them up the kids loved it.  On purpose we usually set the slide up on one side of the yard and the pools on the other.  We try to wear them out as much as we can...and it usually works! It was fun to see how Rigley reacted to the pools and slide.  He loved playing with the balls in the pool.  He would hang over the side and finally got brave enough to get in. 

This is how we found him most of the time trying to climb up it...

When Rigley went down for his nap then Josh took the big kids over to the school park to ride their bikes.  Pais is now riding a big big with training wheels.  It's been a few weeks since Tucker has rode a bike without training wheels.  While Josh was getting all the bikes out of the van Tucker grabbed his bike and took off on his own.  Josh said he looked like a pro and that he had been doing it for months.  Tucker has a really strong core.  He likes do break dance and do gymnasts type moves all around the house.   He really does have good balance so we figured teaching him wouldn't be too hard.

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