Out & About

Sundays are our days where we try to do something as a family.  Today after church we came home and had an early lunch then went to the local nature park.  This park has a black topped path so the kids can ride their bike and we can see all kinds of stuff.  Pais rode her trike and Rigley walked then would sit in the stroller then would walk....you get the idea.  We wanted to get our "fun" in before the rain came.

If you look close you can see the yellow jacket camping out on the "flowers."  For some reason the two bigs are obsessed with bees.  They want to kill them all.  Last week they were killing honey bees in our yard.  We did have one kids finally get stung.  I guess that's not too bad for days and days of killing bees and only one sting.

We tried to get all of them together for a picture.  It's pretty much impossible to get smiles from them all at the same time and to get them all looking at the camera.  You take what you can get...We made Pais take her glasses off so she was struggling with the sun.

After the park the littles came home to take naps and daddy surprised the two bigs with a trip to see the movie "Epic."

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