Sunday Funday

Tommy and Sarah are now into their new house.   If you ask Sarah the house is still a mess and dirty but they are at least living out of it.  Sarah invited Chaney and Tucker over after church to play with her  kids.  Sarah and Tommy have a pool now so my kids were super excited.  I'll leave out the part that the high for today was only 75*.  When they were swimming I'm sure the temp was around 70*.

In the afternoon we all met at my mamaw's for a cookout.  My (great) uncle Calvin and (great) aunt Barbara are in town.  They used to live in Indiana, raised their kids here then went to Arizona where their kids were.  Now jobs have taken their kids to Tennessee and Oregon and Calvin and Barbara now travel a lot more to see their kids.  Long story but now you know.

After dinner Josh organized a game of whiffle ball.  Seriously, all of my sisters and their families played along with some cousins.  It was so much fun.  

We had a great day seeing cousins and distant cousins.  The weather was perfect to be outside playing.

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Emily said...

Looks like fun!! :-)