VBS Week

Whew!  VBS came to a close tonight.  This week is usually very busy for the entire family.  Josh and I usually do shifts.  I go early each evening and help with registration then he brings the kids, I take the littles and go home and he stays and does video and picture work.  Then, he brings home the big kids each night.  This system has worked out pretty well for us over the last few years.  VBS always takes more of a toll on Josh than the rest of us.  Each evening he would prepare a video of the night's activities.  If you know anything about video editing it is very tedious work.  Each night was extremely late for him especially Wednesday night.  Each year he is in charge of the video to show at the closing program.  He does such an awesome job and really enjoys it all.

Here is Chaney and her buddy Allison.  Allison was able to come every night but Thursday, she missed the program.

Tucker kind of looks freaky here...

You can barely see Tucker in the pic below, he is standing behind the blonde headed kid with a green polo shirt under his VBS shirt.

Chaney is smack dab in the middle of this pic.  We had front row seats for the program but both of the kids were on the left side of the stage and we were on the right.

All week the kids had a contest who could bring in the most food for the food pantry.  If the boys won then  Miss Mary and Victoria (intern) had to kiss the farm animals.  If the girls won then pastor Hubert and pastor Kris had to kiss the farm animals.  Well....the girls won by about 20 points.

The kids had a great week.  We had about 130 volunteers.  All of the workers do such a fabulous job.  We had 360 different kids within the four days.  Hopefully many seeds were planted and these kid will come to know Jesus.

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