July Pics in Review

Knee high by the 4th of July, right?
Who just got done eating ice cream?
Photo bombed

A bike ride for some and a walk for the rest
His thumb and Team Umizoomi 
Gas under $3
Me and my boy
More glasses and more photobombing
The little boy getting ambushed by the girls
Me and my oldest 
Our toes
He loves his shark umbrella

They were in birth order walking down the sidewalk
Waiting on a friend

Chaney was getting a Malibu treatment & I was outside keeping her company
Watching Umizoomi
They earned free ice cream from Culvers from summer reading
At Tuttles getting free slushies because of summer reading

First Day of School

Today is finally here.  Today is the first day of school.  The kids have been so excited over the last week or so.  I went upstairs to wake them up and Tucker popped right up and said, "Mom, its school day!"  Chaney was no so easy to get out of bed.  They got right up ate breakfast, changed clothes and obliged us in some pictures.  They were so nervous about not wanting to miss the bus that we sat outside for 15 minutes.  

Tucker is in kindergarten

Chaney is in first grade

Pais went with me to get the kids off the bus.  We asked her today if she missed Chaney and Tucker and she said, "Well, I only miss Chaney."  Ha!

The bus was running a little behind today.  Trying to get little kids back on the bus to go home takes a while.  While we waited Pais was showing me some dance moves from her new favorite movie, "Teen Beach Movie."  It's a Disney movie and basically todays version of "Greece."

Finally the bus came...they talked to us for a few minutes then Tuck took off.  Kind of reminds me of what this little girl did last year.

They both enjoyed their first day of school.  Chaney was able to eat lunch beside her buddy Allison.  


Camping Out

The cool weather is still sticking around so Mamaw and Papaw decided to take advantage of it and camp out with the kids.  They had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for smores.  The weather was perfect, nice and cool.  It did rain on them about three in the  morning but they stayed dry.  

Rigley got to hang with mom and dad and get spoiled.  We got a free pizza from Papa Johns and watched a movie while he enjoyed some Team Umizoomi on the iPad.  Then we all splurged on Oreos.


Wet Wednesday

Tonight was our annual "Wet Wednesday" night with Jennifer and Chris.  Due to our busy summer and their busy summer we could only meet tonight.  We thought since it was late July the weather would be good to go.  Little did we know the cool air that was coming in.  The high for today was 77*.  The water temp was 76*.  The water temp didn't bother the kids at all.  The two big kids were super excited to get on the slides.  This year Tucker was big enough to ride the slides.

We picked up Josh after work and headed to Plainfield.  Jennifer made dinner and we brought dessert.  The kids were able to hang out and play then around 7 we headed over to the water park.

We got our usual Dip n Dots.  We really thought at this point the kids would not get back in.  They got out to eat and were pretty much dried off.  Nope, we were wrong.  In fact at this point it was warmer to be in the water than out.  The big kids got back on the slides and the littles played in the shallow end.

We actually ended up staying until 10.  Everyone but Chaney passed out in the car on the way home.  We always have such a good time over there.


Kindergarten Meeting

Tonight was a kindergarten meeting.  School starts in 8 days and we have some excited kids.  My mom came over to watch the kids.  She hasn't seen them since before we left so she was excited to see them. Josh, Tuck and I went over to the school, listened to the teachers and got to see the classrooms.  Tucker also learned that his teacher would be Mrs. Linder.  She will be finishing her maternity leave for the first month of school so Mrs. Long will be covering her.  Mrs. Long helps with the kindergarten classes.  Chaney was placed with her last year during different activities.  Mrs. Linder and Mrs. Long were both there last night so we got to meet them both.


Going Home

Today was leaving day.  We are so sad to leave our family and cousins but yet we all really want to be home.  It's nice to be under the same roof as your family and have playmates all the time.  Josh and I had planned to be up around 3 am and leave at 4 am.  Rigley woke up screaming about 2 am so I got him and he got in bed with us and fell back asleep.  My mind was already working and figuring out what we needed to do so I didn't go back to sleep.  We got everything packed and were on the road by 4 am.  With Hilton Head being a 12 hour drive we wanted to get home in time to put everything away. The house we stayed at had 2 sets of washers/dryers so we did all of our laundry there.  We just wanted to be home so we made our stops few and far between.  We took advantage of the kids sleeping and kept pushing through.  We pulled in the drive at 4 pm.  We made three stops (one being a food stop and eating inside) and made really good time.  I'll let you figure out the average speed, lol!

The girls just woke up, can you tell?


More Hilton Head Pics...

 While we were in Hilton Head I was the one with the camera most of the time.  I usually am taking pictures for the family calendars I make around Christmas time.  This vacation I was making a photo book for Dad and Barbara so I needed lots of material.  If you know me I would rather have too many pics then not enough.

This picture is probably one of my favorites.  This was one day at the beach while Ace was walking around.  Jordan was walking behind him.  This picture was not staged but really turned out so good.  If you read Ace's shirt it really makes the whole picture.  I love getting shots like this.

These are random collages


Family Pics

Two years ago, we frantically tried to get one big family picture on the beach when Audra & Tony were getting ready to leave.  My family really doesn't like to do pics unless we know in advance and can look good for the pics.  Pics with no make-up, hair done or swim suits doesn't really work for this group.  We planned to do family pics tonight after dinner.  Everyone had advance notice and had plenty of time for showers, make-up and hair doing.  (Although the wind really didn't cooperate with the whole hair thing.)

We had the camera on the tripod and were trying to get a good place to shoot.  Hank parked himself right in front.  I have three pics like this.  He is too cute!

Here is the fam....

Our next vacation will have a few more kids.  Brooke and Jordan are expecting a little girl at the end of October (they have named her Micah), Jaclyn and Rick are expecting #5 late January.  And by the time 2015 rolls around we are betting that Audra and Tony will have a bundle of joy here or on the way.

Tommy decided to surprise Sarah.  She really wasn't ready for this but WE were!  HA!

Look at my dad's face.  Tommy has his arm around him and in true "Blackford" style, he is not real sure about that.

All the grandkids...13 and more on the way 
(I'd like to say Rigley's face is sun burned but it wasn't.  He was crying because we made him sit down.  He wanted us to hold him and we wouldn't.  Get over it kid!)

Fun pic....

(Just a note...we have over 550 pics from vacation.  I'm not sure when these will get posted.  Check back and I will try to get some posted, obviously not all of them.  I may have to do collages.)