Chaney's Birthday Date

Tonight we were finally able to take Chaney out for her birthday date.  She wanted to eat at McAlister's so we met daddy there after work.  She loves the tortilla soup so she got a huge bowl.  

Still can't believe she is 7...

We were taking this picture and Josh kept saying, "You guys are twins!"  This means we are beautiful, right?

I had planned to get a pedicure before we go on vacation.  (My feet are taking a beating because of running)  She knew I was going and requested to go.  

Here is Chaney and I sitting in the massage chairs.  It was so funny to sit there and watch Chaney try to understand and listen to these Vietnamese people. (To be honest, I'm not exactly sure if they were Vietnamese, Korean or whatever.  They all have the oriental look to me.  I'm that "stupid American.")  They were all smitten with her.  They thought it was so cute she was there and getting her toes done.  They were trying to talk to her and she really did good figuring out what they were saying.  The little lady that took care of Chaney's feet was seriously not much bigger than Chaney.  Chaney was so polite to her and kept telling her "thank you" and the lady just fell in love with her.  She kept putting her arm around Chaney and even kissed her on the cheek when we left.  Kind of weird and sweet all at the same time. 

The final result....Chaney went for the red/blue and white design.  I guess she is still in the the"patriotic" mode.

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Emily said...

That is so fun! I need to do that with my girls one of these days! :-)