Family Pics

Two years ago, we frantically tried to get one big family picture on the beach when Audra & Tony were getting ready to leave.  My family really doesn't like to do pics unless we know in advance and can look good for the pics.  Pics with no make-up, hair done or swim suits doesn't really work for this group.  We planned to do family pics tonight after dinner.  Everyone had advance notice and had plenty of time for showers, make-up and hair doing.  (Although the wind really didn't cooperate with the whole hair thing.)

We had the camera on the tripod and were trying to get a good place to shoot.  Hank parked himself right in front.  I have three pics like this.  He is too cute!

Here is the fam....

Our next vacation will have a few more kids.  Brooke and Jordan are expecting a little girl at the end of October (they have named her Micah), Jaclyn and Rick are expecting #5 late January.  And by the time 2015 rolls around we are betting that Audra and Tony will have a bundle of joy here or on the way.

Tommy decided to surprise Sarah.  She really wasn't ready for this but WE were!  HA!

Look at my dad's face.  Tommy has his arm around him and in true "Blackford" style, he is not real sure about that.

All the grandkids...13 and more on the way 
(I'd like to say Rigley's face is sun burned but it wasn't.  He was crying because we made him sit down.  He wanted us to hold him and we wouldn't.  Get over it kid!)

Fun pic....

(Just a note...we have over 550 pics from vacation.  I'm not sure when these will get posted.  Check back and I will try to get some posted, obviously not all of them.  I may have to do collages.)


Amy Brown said...

GREAT pics!!

Emily said...

Aww! Such good family pictures!! I love the Blackford girl photo. :)