Finally...On the Road

The day we have been waiting for...vacation day.  Josh and I were up around 4 am to finish packing stuff.  This year we bought a cargo bag to stick on top of the van to hold our stuff.  Having this bag helped out a lot.  We were not so cluttered inside the van and didn't have stuff stacked so high in the back that we could actually see out.  We woke the kids up at 5, went to the bathroom and packed them in the car in their jammies and we were off.  It was dark so our plan was for them to go back to sleep.  They were so excited that they didn't immediately fall back to sleep but they did at some point sleep.  

I packed some food so we ate breakfast in the van.  We stopped for gas and bathroom breaks in Kentucky.  

Once we hit Knoxville we stopped at a park to play and had a picnic lunch.  We played for about an hour and a half then packed up again. 

We had reserved a hotel room in Greenville, SC.  At this point we only had about four hours to go until Hilton Head.  We reserved the room in advance and made sure it had a pool to swim in.  Check in was at 3 pm and we were there by 3:30.  However, plans changed.  I went to check in and the lady said she had our rooms.  I was confused because we reserved one room.  She said they changed our reservation and they had two studio rooms for us.  Well, with four small children that was not going to work.  I told her that and she told me what they had run into.  The cast of "Jersey Boys" (a broadway musical) was playing nearby and they came and took all the rooms.  The lady was very nice and helped us out trying to get us another Marriott hotel somewhere along our way to Hilton Head.  We were all disappointed and tired of being in a car but we got another hotel booked.  We all got back in the car and drove for about another 90 minutes to Irmo, SC.

On a positive note, this only left us about 2.5-3 hours to drive the next morning.  We got to our hotel and found out it has only been open about two weeks.  This hotel was brand new.  Our room was a handicapped room so we had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room/kitchenette area.  And because of Marriott's screw up we were able to keep the same rate we were supposed to pay at the Greenville hotel.  Thank you Marriott.

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Emily said...

That is an awesome screw up! :-) Yay for Jersey Boys!