First Day of School

Today is finally here.  Today is the first day of school.  The kids have been so excited over the last week or so.  I went upstairs to wake them up and Tucker popped right up and said, "Mom, its school day!"  Chaney was no so easy to get out of bed.  They got right up ate breakfast, changed clothes and obliged us in some pictures.  They were so nervous about not wanting to miss the bus that we sat outside for 15 minutes.  

Tucker is in kindergarten

Chaney is in first grade

Pais went with me to get the kids off the bus.  We asked her today if she missed Chaney and Tucker and she said, "Well, I only miss Chaney."  Ha!

The bus was running a little behind today.  Trying to get little kids back on the bus to go home takes a while.  While we waited Pais was showing me some dance moves from her new favorite movie, "Teen Beach Movie."  It's a Disney movie and basically todays version of "Greece."

Finally the bus came...they talked to us for a few minutes then Tuck took off.  Kind of reminds me of what this little girl did last year.

They both enjoyed their first day of school.  Chaney was able to eat lunch beside her buddy Allison.  

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Emily said...

They're growing too fast!!