Going Home

Today was leaving day.  We are so sad to leave our family and cousins but yet we all really want to be home.  It's nice to be under the same roof as your family and have playmates all the time.  Josh and I had planned to be up around 3 am and leave at 4 am.  Rigley woke up screaming about 2 am so I got him and he got in bed with us and fell back asleep.  My mind was already working and figuring out what we needed to do so I didn't go back to sleep.  We got everything packed and were on the road by 4 am.  With Hilton Head being a 12 hour drive we wanted to get home in time to put everything away. The house we stayed at had 2 sets of washers/dryers so we did all of our laundry there.  We just wanted to be home so we made our stops few and far between.  We took advantage of the kids sleeping and kept pushing through.  We pulled in the drive at 4 pm.  We made three stops (one being a food stop and eating inside) and made really good time.  I'll let you figure out the average speed, lol!

The girls just woke up, can you tell?

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