Happy 4th!

What a difference a year makes.  Last year was crazy hot and miserable to be outside.  I think last year the temp was 102* and we had a burn ban so no one had fireworks.

Fast forward one year and temp today barely reached 80* and was so overcast that sun didn't make an appearance at all.  We packed up (seriously, if you saw our van we looked like we were going somewhere besides Josh's parents house 15 minutes away).  The Brown's had a family thing and we hung out all day.  The kids still swam despite the low temps and no sun.  Papaw and Mamaw had water balloons and other games for the kids.  The adults also got in on an egg tossing contest.  Josh's cousin raises chickens so we had fresh eggs.  These eggs seriously had the hardest shells.  We were all dropping the eggs like crazy and they were still not breaking.  We were tossing eggs about 50 feet apart from one another.  It was fun!  We did have a brief downpour of rain.  The kids didn't seem to mind, they continued to play in it.  The adults huddled together under the tents for cover from the rain. 

Everyone took off about 3:30ish.  We stayed around to help clean up and eat some supper.  We got home and threw the kids in the shower.  The littles two went to bed at their normal time, 9:00.  The oldest two stayed up and watched the fireworks.  From our house we can see the firework show that they put on in town so the kids watched.  It also seemed like every neighbor was setting off fireworks too.  They were seriously running form window to window to watch them all.

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