Splash Pad

Since we leave for vacation at the end of the week Josh has been working tirelessly to get things done at work so he can actually enjoy vacation.  Actually, he has been so productive that he is working ahead and getting stuff done for the week he comes back too.  Tonight he worked late again so the kids and I packed up and headed to the splash pad in Shelbyville.  

When we first got there the kids played in the water for a bit.  It took a while for Pais and Rigley to get used to the water.  Then we went to the playground and they all worked up a sweat then we went back to the water area.

When we went back the little two found out how fun this place can be.  They were keeping themselves pretty busy.

Rigley found out he loved this sprinkler thing.  He played in it almost the whole time.  In the background of this video you can hear Tuck yelling, "here it comes, its coming!"  He is referring to the bucket that fills up then dumps over everyone.  Apparently, Pais was not aware of it coming down.  Just watch until the end and you can see her face.  Its priceless!

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