Since we are going on vacation soon, Josh has worked ProPresenter at church for the last two weeks.  Today after church we ran to Target to get a few things.  This is usually what happens when we are in the car after church.  He normally falls asleep...but the thumb sucking is still rather new.

Chaney was invited to her friend Audrey's house for afternoon.  She had fun hanging out with them and swimming.

The rest of us came home to finish our outside project.  I planned on finishing up the project on Friday but the rain put a damper on it.  Lately, it seems like we get a little  bit of rain each day.

This is the before picture...

This is after....
We have planted four new trees.  Our back yard had no trees and the sun would make things so incredibly hot.  We also moved our raised beds away from the house and into more sunlight.  We also put four small beds behind the raised beds and in between the trees.  Not sure exactly what flowers we will put in there yet.  Maybe next year we will get an assortment of wildflowers and stick them there.

Since we have a few dead spots in our yard from moving beds and flowers around we have some of Scotts Patch Master stuff down.  This stuff really works, if you read and follow the directions.  Next to our house where our raised beds were are completely filled in with grass now.  

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