Tuck's Day Out

Tucker has been begging to have one of his buddies from church over.  The plan was to have Jonah come over here and let the kids play outside on the slide and pools.  Since the weather has been iffy and rainy we decided to change things up a bit.  Tucker went to Jonah's house.  He was SO excited.  He got up and got dressed quicker than any other day ever!  He could not wait.

Here are all the kids waiting...

Jonah's mom, Sarah, came to get him and took them to the park before the rain then back to there house.  He had a blast.  Sarah said he was so good and well behaved.  He and Jonah are crazy goofy together and are hilarious.

These are some handsome boys!

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Emily said...

I seriously cannot get over how much older Tucker looks! Goodness!!