August Pics in Review

It's been humid lately
Rigley pointing out tomatoes
He stole his sister's glasses
We put up about 40 quarts of corn
Riding his big sister
The tradition that keeps going...get the littlest down and tickle
The bunch
Chaney tied her teammate's shoe at practice
Brotherly love

More brotherly love
My littles
He loves to cuddle with me
More love
Bathtub in clothes (no water)
More sunglasses
Tucker fell asleep when we were working on homework
She looks so old here
Our annual photography gig

Oil change time
Tomato fest
Eating a pop cycle 

Saturday Building

Saturday while Josh was building the kids and I hung out too.  The kids played in the pool and messed with the "builders" while they were working.  Rigley never wants to wait for his swim diaper and clothes.  Usually he gets in and then I strip his clothes off and wait for his real diaper to get so big then take it off too.  At this age its still cute to see your naked back side.

And we found this little dude....



Chaney came home from school Thursday evening complaining of her throat hurting.  It's been so dry here that I initially thought it was from being outside.  She kind of lazied around the house most of the evening.  Thankfully, her coached cancelled practice because it was so hot.  Chaney ended up waking up about 3:00 am with fever and her throat was really bothering her.

After we got Tucker on the bus she and I headed to the Minute Clinic where her strep test turned positive in about 5 seconds.  Bubble gum medicine for her.

Thankfully, Josh had already had today planned off so we could start the bunk bed adventure.  She got two doses of medicine in and was already acting better by noon.  She had strep almost exactly a year ago.  No school year is complete without strep.


Bunk Beds...Take 2

Since we won't be moving out of this house we are making a few changes on the inside.  Three years ago on this same weekend we made our first set of bunk beds.  This year we are making two sets.  One is a loft set to put above Rigley's crib and then another bunk bed set for Jaclyn's kids.

The set we did three years ago we put together then took it apart to sand, stain and polyurethane.  This time we decided to sand, stain and polyurethane before the building.  Yes, during the hottest week of the year we (mostly I) was outside working, sweating....it wasn't pretty.  But the work got done so Josh and his dad could do the next step.

This has been my view for the last four straight days.  I have picked up and moved these 40-50 boards more than I care to count.

This is what was usually happening while I was working.


Bug Fest

A local park has a Bug Fest every year and each year we think we'll get there and we never do.  This year I made a point to get there.  It was Tucker's turn to invite a friend so he picked his buddy Jonah.  Jonah is a friend from church.  He and Tuck are really funny together.

Jonah brought his his bug catcher and wanted to grab a few bugs while we were there.  We actually got a honey bee from the bee keeper.  They were super nice and helped us catch it.

They loved the worms.

And, of course, we found lots of sticks that were swords.

We did find chocolate covered crickets but no one was brave enough to eat them so we brought them home.  And still, no one was brave enough to eat them.

We did go on a hike to catch more bugs.  At the end of the walk we let the honey bee go and replaced it with another nice looking bug.

When we left the Bug Fest was out of control crazy, people everywhere.  We took off and went to get some ice cream to cool down.  I had a great day with these two boys.  They are great kids!


Lots of Swimming

This week has been so hot.  It seems the October-like temps we had last week were just a fluke.  Summer is back, baby!  The kids have been enjoying their time in the pool, especially the littles.  They usually are jumping in with all their clothes on before I know it.  

This is how he air dries...

Tuesday night Chaney's friend Claire was here.  She started an intense water fight that resulted in mom and dad soaked and then us throwing all the kids in the pools, the really cold pools.  We heard lots of giggles so I know they enjoyed themselves.


Love Notes

Tucker is our little "ladies man."  He is so sweet to the little girls at church, school, library, etc.  When we go to the soccer fields for practice and games you hear little girls screaming his name then they are off to chase him.  Today he came home with a love note from a girl at school.  This little girl is a first grader and has really got a thing for Tuck.  He doesn't seem to be very phased by all the attention though.


Day Out

Since we went on vacation Rigley has been in some sleeping funk.  I'm not real sure what his deal is.  So...in a nut shell our nights are not real fun.  Last night was really not fun so we decided to sleep in a bit and then headed for the Children's Museum.  The kids have been wanting to see the new Avatar section.  We got there almost when it opened and enjoyed some time with hardly anyone else there.

Think he is worn out?

We got home and decided to set up the water slide so they could wear themselves out.  I think it worked.  Rigley ended up getting in the water in his clothes...surprise, surprise!


Friend Time

Chaney has a girl on her team named Claire.  She and Chaney are in the same class at school too.  They have a great time together.  Claire is goofy and these two get along so well.  Chaney was invited to play at their house on Saturday afternoon.  They painted, rowed in their boat and rode four wheelers.  She was in heaven.  Claire's mom and I have become running buddies while our kids are practicing.  

While Chaney was there the rest of us went to the park to ride bikes and walk.  Tucker went riding with me while I ran.  I ran 3.11 miles and Tucker rode his bike the entire time.  Josh and the littles walked over two miles, Paislee rode her bike the entire time.  We were both really surprised they lasted this long.