September Pics

All of these are pics that we take on our devices that don't always make it to a blog post.

Playing in the chair
Sleeping beauty
Chaney and her buddy Claire one night after practice
Morning run on the Pensey
Watermelon crawl?
Bath time
This is what happens when scissors meet a banana
A boy...in a pink coat

Chair jumping...in a pink coat
Found this turtle while running one night
Chaney's team
Yes, again I turned 29
Josh's favorite cocktail sauce we found at Marsh
Tuck finally went back to school on Thursday
This boy loves to share this drink with me
Rigley has entered the "cape" stage

Selfies with my babes


More Bounce Houses

This Sunday at church we are having a celebration Sunday.  We are celebrating about 40 people being baptized.  To help celebrate the church rented  a few bounce house things.  Saturday morning Andy invited some people over to make sure these were set up properly...or maybe just to have some fun without 500 people around.  I had an early run scheduled and Rigley woke up with fever so I quickly ran and made it back home so Josh could take the three oldest over.  I think they had some fun.


Final Soccer Game

Tonight was Chaney's last soccer game.  They finished their season 7-0-1.  They had a great year.  Chaney ended up scoring two goals but more than that she improved so much.  She became quite the defender this year.  She enjoyed her team and her coach was so good with the girls.  At the end of the game tonight the coach passed out the trophies and we were able to get some pictures.

Chaney and her buddy Claire.  They are in the same class at school too.


Sick Boy

For the last three to four days Tucker has had a crazy cough.  Crazy meaning nothing has helped.  He keeps himself up all night coughing.  Anytime he starts running the coughing gets worse.  Cough medicine, honey, steam baths, sleeping upright...nothing helped.  It was such an obnoxious cough that he didn't go to school because his cough would distract everyone.  He was coughing so much that he was wearing himself out.  Each year about this time he gets this.  We are not sure if its the change in weather or something allergy related.

While I was at BSF today Josh was able to take him to the doctor to get checked out.  She listened and his lungs and throat were good but just a nasty cough.  She gave him Prednisone for three days to see if this would help.

Here he is sitting in the bathroom while we let the hot shower run.  


Bounce House Fun

Today Josh and I celebrated our birthdays.  Well, not really.  Yes, today is our birthday but we didn't do anything except our normal Saturday routine.  I got up early and met my friend, Jill, to run.  Josh got up and made breakfast for the kids.  We played outside.  After nap/rest time we headed over to Josh's uncle Craig's house for some fun on the bounce house.  Craig and Becky throw their grandkids a huge 16th birthday party.  The party was over in the early afternoon and we were invited over to take advantage of some free time on the houses. Corey, Crystal and their girls were there so we had lots of people to play with.

This obstacle course bounce house was about a 100 feet long and lots of fun.  Lucky for me I got to take Rigley up on my back to get to the top of the slide.  Not once but like 100 times...seriously about 100 times.  The kids had a blast.  I had a lot of fun playing and racing the kids through the course.


Lunch Dates

Josh has so many vacation days at work that he needs to take because they will not roll over to next year.  He has scheduled to take a lot of three day weekends which we all love.  Today he decided to eat lunch with the kids at school.

There school has strict rules that when you eat with you parents you move to a table by yourself and no friends can sit with you.  Today Tuck's buddy, Romey, had her parents in to eat lunch with her too.  However, they had to take off a few minutes early so Romey came over to finish lunch with Tuck.  Romey's dad was Tuck's VBS leader at Park Chapel.  These two also play together on Friday nights at the soccer fields and we recently found out Romey lives right around the corner.  These two are really cute together.


Sick Again

Today the littles and I were at the library when I got a call from school.  The nurse called saying Chaney was complaining of a sore throat, had severe redness, swollen tonsils and a fever.   I called our doctor and got an appointment.  We picked her up from school at 10:45 then were at the doctor at 11:45.  She just had strep right before Labor Day.  

After a quick swab (and gagging) she tested positive for strep...AGAIN!  A new medicine and we were good to go.  The doctor said in the last year they have started to see a trend of strep being resistant to Amoxicillin.  (That's what every mom wants to hear.)  The good thing is Chaney did not act real sick.  So today was kind of a "rest" day for her.  She took advantage of resting and catching up on her movies.



Normally this time of year I am busy organizing bible study at our church.  However, this year I decided to do something different.  Because of the ages of our kids, homework, and now busy evenings due to sports and Awanas both Josh and I felt like adding another thing to our evening was not a wise move.  A lady at church invited me to try BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) at a local church during the day.  This year they are working on Matthew.  I went to an information meeting on the 11th and decided to do it.  I have heard the kids program is really good too.  I was a little nervous today because Rigley hates the nursery at our church and Paislee hates going anywhere without a sibling.  I had been talking up the class for a few days so they knew they would be without me but that I would come back.  I quickly dropped each one off and warned each teacher there could be some tears.  A few tears for Pais and whole scream session for the little dude.  

Afterward I picked them up and got a great report from each teacher.  Pais loved her class and teachers.  Rigley cried for a bit but once they started singing he was ok.  This dude loves to sing.  They said he kept on singing after they were done.  I hope they want to go back next week.


Ella is 13

This year Ella turned 13 on Friday the 13th of 2013...kinda cool, huh?  On her birthday she left that evening to go to a youth retreat with the church.  She (and Sarah and Tommy) were gone all weekend and then they had the family over on Sunday afternoon when they returned.

It's so hard to believe that its been 13 years since we were all gathered waiting for this little lady.  She has turned into a wonderful little lady.  It's so fun watching her grow up and seeing what God has planned for her.

Verse #18

Even small children are known by their actions, so is their conduct really pure and upright?
Proverbs 20:11 NIV


Birthday Dinner

Tonight we went up to dad and Barbara's for dinner.  Before kids we used to pick the restaurant and go out.  After kids they invite us up and fix dinner.  It actually works out well.  They let us choose and have a feast of food waiting on us.  Tonight we chose steak.  Barbara and dad fixed an awesome meal. 

Tonight we were busy playing, eating and talking so I didn't get many pictures.  I did get a picture of three of the six chickens.  The kids are so comfortable with them that (I think) they let them out of purpose just so they can pick them up and put them back in.  


This morning the two oldest and myself went to watch Silas and Josiah play football.  I love to watch my nieces and nephews play sports.  While watching little kids there is never a dull moment and these kids especially did not disappoint.  Both boys won their games.  Silas is #38 and Josiah is #27.  Tommy is Silas' coach this year.

And the big thing is pink socks, mouth pieces, arm bands, etc.  Josiah is following the "pink" trend with his socks.  Pink is for Breast Cancer Awareness.  The NFL will do pink in October.



I don't have any pics from tonights game but Chaney's team won and she scored one goal.  She is playing better and better every game.  She is starting to get very aggressive on defense now.


Picture Day

Today was picture day at school.  It never fails, Chaney always has gym on picture day.  We actually got up early and straightened her hair.  We'll see if it paid off once the pics come out.  Here are the both of them posing for pics before the bus this morning.