Sick Boy

For the last three to four days Tucker has had a crazy cough.  Crazy meaning nothing has helped.  He keeps himself up all night coughing.  Anytime he starts running the coughing gets worse.  Cough medicine, honey, steam baths, sleeping upright...nothing helped.  It was such an obnoxious cough that he didn't go to school because his cough would distract everyone.  He was coughing so much that he was wearing himself out.  Each year about this time he gets this.  We are not sure if its the change in weather or something allergy related.

While I was at BSF today Josh was able to take him to the doctor to get checked out.  She listened and his lungs and throat were good but just a nasty cough.  She gave him Prednisone for three days to see if this would help.

Here he is sitting in the bathroom while we let the hot shower run.  

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Amy Brown said...

Ugh! No fun! Sounds like allergies to me. Did the doc recommend putting him on daily allergy meds? Glad he seems to be on the mend though!