The Results...

Well...Pais has been in Rigley's room now for two nights.  For the last two nights she has loved to go to bed and sleep in her "big" bed.  Tuesday night she went to bed before Rigley so she was already asleep when we brought him in.  Wednesday night they went to bed at the same time.  Rigley & Pais loved going to bed at the same time and looking and giggling at each other.

They both have slept really well all night long.  Rigley always does this squeally thing in the morning.  He is asleep when he does it. Well, Pais is not used to it yet so it always wakes her up.  So the last two morning they have both been up by 6:30.  Needless to say nap time will be coming earlier if this keeps happening.  Hopefully, he will stop the squeally thing or she will learn to sleep through it.

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