October Pics in Review

Me and my boy
All kids campout on the floor
Sleepy boy
Sleepy girl
Just looking to see what he wants for breakfast
Chaney's sign
Who needs toes in sand for a pic? What about toes & a fire
Pais in make-up

Rigley & his buddy Hank
He jumps on our back while we work on the computer
Me and my boys
Watching tv with an umbrella....inside
Sleepy boy 
A boy in a basket
My big and little boy

Harvest Hoedown

Each year we have to decide what we want to do on Halloween.  Our choices are to go trick or treating or head over to the church for the Hoedown.  The kids don't do Halloween parties at school so they only get to dress up like one time over the Halloween season.  Since our kids have to wake up so early for school we hate to keep them out late on school nights.  This year things were made a little easier for us.  For the last few days all the weather (wo)men have been predicting nasty weather for Halloween night.  Every city around has postponed trick or treating to November 1.  After this news we thought we may head to the church for the hoedown but then realized everyone...EVERYONE would be there since everything was postponed a day.  Pastor Andy called us up and said he was taking his kids over early to the church to play on the inflatable toys and that we could come and join him if we wanted.  You bet we would!  The big kids got home and ate a snack and we headed over.

I had to wake up this sleeping prince to go over...

Good thing I took a shower to go over...just so I could play on the inflateables and get hot and sweaty.  Sometimes I am a bigger kid than my own kids.   Paislee and Rigley kept wanting to go down the slide with me.

This was me thinking I was taking a video.  Apparently I was just taking a picture of myself.

Pais and Rigley

Some of the fun...

Me and the littles

Tuck and Chaney on the big obstacle course

Parker was trying to keep us from coming into his "castle"

The kids had a blast (and so did I).  There friends Jonah, Sadie, Cooper, Hudson, Baylor, Parker and a few other kids were there.  Thanks goodness we got in and out before the craziness started.



Tonight I dropped the kids off, as usual.  I ran to Marsh to pick up a few items and I get a text from Gabe's mom. (Gabe is Tuck's buddy and his parents help out with Awanas.  They are a great family.)  I figured one of the kids was sick.  Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these pics.  Each night they say the Pledge to the American flag, Christian flag and the Awanas flag.  Tonight was Tuck's night to do the flag.  Tonight he said three verses and got another jewel and was super excited. Both Tuck and Chaney are moving right through their books and should be done with them by the end of the year (if not before.)  


ENT Appointment

Today I took Chaney to see the ENT doctor.  The nurse practitioner thought it would be a good idea to see him and see what his thoughts were about these strep episodes and see what our next course of action would be.  First of all he noticed that she has thrush.  All of the antibiotics that have been in her lately, the thrush is a side effect of it.  She is now on another medicine (basically a mouth wash) to get this cleared up.  He wants to take this slow and see what courses of action we can do before we actually take the tonsils out.  His thoughts were to let her finish this course of medicine then take a look at the tonsils when they are not large and red.  We see him back in two weeks.  If, at that point, she tests positive for strep again he will put her on a much stronger antibiotic.  She has been on two different ones and (according to him) they are not real strong.  He did confirm the same thing the nurses practitioner told us last time about some antibiotics not effecting the strep virus.

We were relieved about taking another course of action before the actual surgery.  Pretty sure Chaney was happy with the results too.  At the rate she is going she will probably have strep again in two weeks.  It would be just our luck.

Quick story:  While we are sitting in the doctor's waiting room she is playing on my phone and I pick up a magazine to read.  Of course, it's a People magazine (one of my favorite magazines).  Anyway before I know it Chaney is looking over (or around) my shoulder and sees these woman in dresses.  She quickly starts pointing at these dresses saying, "inappropriate...inappropriate...inappropriate."  I asked her what do you mean by inappropriate?  She says, "Mom, those dresses cut to low and show to much skin."  I am so glad at the age of seven she is picking up on this.  Beth Moore always says to leave more to the imagination than showing everything you got.  I'm so glad to hear her say these words.  In world where we try to dress our teens (and pre-teens) in "adult" clothing, I hope this little girl will continue to keep her modesty.

Soccer Highlights

Our IT department put a end of the year highlight video up of the season.  It was so much fun watching these girls get better and better each game.  They had so much fun together.

Some of these pics are ours.  Some of these pics were taken by a grandfather of a girl on another team.  He is a retired police officer and is starting his own photography company.  He posted the pics on a Flickr page and shared with us.  It was so nice of him to do this.


Riley Benefit

The one good thing about being on Facebook right now is that I can see events happening at our high school.  Tonight they had a Riley benefit.  It was a free will donation but the kids could come dressed up and play games, go through haunted "classrooms" and most importantly get candy.  We got everyone dressed, well almost everyone, Rigley did not want his Scooby -Doo outfit on.  In fact, he didn't want any pictures either....that's a shocker!

The kids had a great time....well, except for the one classroom that they ran out of candy and started handing out grapes.  Yes, grapes!  Needless to say the line for that room went down quickly after they heard no candy.  How can you hand out grapes at a Halloween event?  

Anyway, they saw lots of friends and were happy, happy, happy. 

...and then he wanted to pose for one picture...that is totally blurry.


Taylor's Party

Today Chaney was invited to Taylor's 7th birthday party at the bowling alley her in town.  This year Taylor and Chaney are not in the same class but they still play together at recess.  There were about ten little girls there and they all had a blast playing with each other.  


Beth Moore - Part 2

Today was part 2.  Nicole and I stood in line and were able to get in and save seats for all 16 of us.  Today was awesome!  Just amazing!  I love the praise  and worship time.  Travis Cottrell and his team do an unbelievable job.  

Here are some pics I snapped.  This is Travis singing a song on one side of the stage with a lady signing the song on the other side.

This picture was at the end of the conference where we had a serious worship session.  Beth stayed on stage to jam out too.  Secretly she wants to be a back up singer too.

Beth is the blonde...really light blonde

I did take a little bit of video of one of the last songs.  This conference had about 6900 people in attendance.  It was awesome worshiping with this many people.

After the conference, Beth meets with all of those "siestas" (the scripture memory folks).  We went back stage, got our picture taken with her.  

It was funny because Travis came back and said, "Sorry guys, you are stuck with me.  Beth had to leave very quickly and get to her flight to get home."  We knew he was joking because you could see his face and tell.  After that Beth came right out and talked to us for a few minutes then posed for a pic with us.  We were about four feet from her.  She is little bitty thing.

Next year she is coming to Ft. Wayne and we are already planning the event.

Here is a link from LPL's blog of a highlight reel from the  Springfield event.  One of our ladies made the reel (with a green glow from my sweatshirt) she was sitting right next to me.


Beth Moore - Part 1

While Josh had Chaney at the doctor, I was home packing for my night away at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live in Springfield, IL.  Some friends and I have had this planned since January, we were super excited to go.  I love Beth!  I have done many of her studies and enjoy her teaching and her genuine spirit.  

This was day 2 of Rigley waking up at 5:30 am.  We are not sure why he is waking up this early.  This is also day 2 of falling asleep in the morning.  I picked him up, sat down then he cashed out.  I think he is sleep deprived from coughing so much and I think his teeth are coming in.  His little body is running in overdrive.

After Josh got home I left and met my friends at the church to start our journey.  We stopped in Champaign, IL for some lunch.  This was about the half way point.  In total there are 16 girls going.  The second group had a scheduling conflict and had to leave a little bit later than us.

We arrived in Springfield, checked into our hotel, which was right across the street from the conference center.  This was super convenient.  From our hotel window we could see the "serious" Beth Moore fans lining up before the doors opened.  

We were able to get in about sixty minutes before the conference started.  Seating is first come first serve so if you are there early then you get good seats.   This was my view from the first night.  Half the group was on the floor and the other half was up in the stands.

This was the second group...I was photobombing them from behind.

Here is Beth...

Sick Again

 Chaney came home Thursday complaining of a sore throat, headache and being cold.  Well, we have done this enough times now that I knew what was going on.  She had strep.  I immediately called our Dr but she is out of the country on a mission trip so we scheduled an appointment with the nurse practitioner.

Josh took Chaney to the doctor where she once again tested positive for strep.  Yep, three times in seven weeks or now four times in 13 months.  Lucky us!  Guess what is next?  Yep, someone is going to get her tonsils out.  We are currently working with the doctor's office to get this scheduled quickly.

She has had strep so much lately that she really deals with it quite well.  We'll see how she does with her tonsils coming out.  This will be a new experience for all of us.


Chaney's Teacher Conference

This evening we had Chaney's teacher conference.  Chaney is also doing very well in school.  She had one little girl that drives her crazy but that issue is slowly resolving itself.  Today while we waited each child had made a picture of themselves with a little bio.  Here is Chaney's...

Mrs. S said that Chaney is a delight to have in class.  Chaney is also very helpful and is willing to work with anyone.  She does what is asked of her.  She is also doing very well academically.  It will be interesting to see what the rest of the year holds.  Mrs. S is due anyway with her baby so Chaney will have a sub for a while.  We are not sure when (or if) Mrs. S is coming back.


Tucker's Teacher Conference

This evening we met with Tucker's teacher for our annual conference.  Tucker is doing very well in school.  Mrs. L says he listens well, asks questions when he doesn't understand and is very kind to others.  (We had to make sure this is the same Tucker.)  He enjoys school and is also very helpful to Mrs. L.  Tucker is right on target (if not a little above) for his grade and is the accelerated reading class too.  She had nothing but praise for him.  Tucker also really enjoys his teacher.  He thinks she is super nice and he really likes her smile.  

Weird Wednesday

The only reason today was weird is because we didn't do our normal Wednesday routine.  Wednesday is normally our BSF days.  Yesterday afternoon Rigley started running a fever.  He has had a nasty cough and congestion so it didn't really surprise me.  He woke up this morning and was pretty pathetic.  He needed mommy....ALOT!

Olivia is on fall break so she came over today.  Mom had an MRI on her back and has to be completely knocked out so Livvy came to hang with us while mom was at the hospital.  By this time Rigley's motrin had kicked in and you would have not even known the dude was sick.

Pics with aunt Livvy

And then after nap time back to pathetic.  His medicine had worn off and he was feverish again.

Tonight the big kids had Awanas.  When they got home they got their "twin" pajamas.  Some days these two are the best of friends our the worst of enemies.  Tonight just pajama twins.