Beth Moore - Part 1

While Josh had Chaney at the doctor, I was home packing for my night away at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live in Springfield, IL.  Some friends and I have had this planned since January, we were super excited to go.  I love Beth!  I have done many of her studies and enjoy her teaching and her genuine spirit.  

This was day 2 of Rigley waking up at 5:30 am.  We are not sure why he is waking up this early.  This is also day 2 of falling asleep in the morning.  I picked him up, sat down then he cashed out.  I think he is sleep deprived from coughing so much and I think his teeth are coming in.  His little body is running in overdrive.

After Josh got home I left and met my friends at the church to start our journey.  We stopped in Champaign, IL for some lunch.  This was about the half way point.  In total there are 16 girls going.  The second group had a scheduling conflict and had to leave a little bit later than us.

We arrived in Springfield, checked into our hotel, which was right across the street from the conference center.  This was super convenient.  From our hotel window we could see the "serious" Beth Moore fans lining up before the doors opened.  

We were able to get in about sixty minutes before the conference started.  Seating is first come first serve so if you are there early then you get good seats.   This was my view from the first night.  Half the group was on the floor and the other half was up in the stands.

This was the second group...I was photobombing them from behind.

Here is Beth...

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