Harvest Hoedown

Each year we have to decide what we want to do on Halloween.  Our choices are to go trick or treating or head over to the church for the Hoedown.  The kids don't do Halloween parties at school so they only get to dress up like one time over the Halloween season.  Since our kids have to wake up so early for school we hate to keep them out late on school nights.  This year things were made a little easier for us.  For the last few days all the weather (wo)men have been predicting nasty weather for Halloween night.  Every city around has postponed trick or treating to November 1.  After this news we thought we may head to the church for the hoedown but then realized everyone...EVERYONE would be there since everything was postponed a day.  Pastor Andy called us up and said he was taking his kids over early to the church to play on the inflatable toys and that we could come and join him if we wanted.  You bet we would!  The big kids got home and ate a snack and we headed over.

I had to wake up this sleeping prince to go over...

Good thing I took a shower to go over...just so I could play on the inflateables and get hot and sweaty.  Sometimes I am a bigger kid than my own kids.   Paislee and Rigley kept wanting to go down the slide with me.

This was me thinking I was taking a video.  Apparently I was just taking a picture of myself.

Pais and Rigley

Some of the fun...

Me and the littles

Tuck and Chaney on the big obstacle course

Parker was trying to keep us from coming into his "castle"

The kids had a blast (and so did I).  There friends Jonah, Sadie, Cooper, Hudson, Baylor, Parker and a few other kids were there.  Thanks goodness we got in and out before the craziness started.

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