Riley Benefit

The one good thing about being on Facebook right now is that I can see events happening at our high school.  Tonight they had a Riley benefit.  It was a free will donation but the kids could come dressed up and play games, go through haunted "classrooms" and most importantly get candy.  We got everyone dressed, well almost everyone, Rigley did not want his Scooby -Doo outfit on.  In fact, he didn't want any pictures either....that's a shocker!

The kids had a great time....well, except for the one classroom that they ran out of candy and started handing out grapes.  Yes, grapes!  Needless to say the line for that room went down quickly after they heard no candy.  How can you hand out grapes at a Halloween event?  

Anyway, they saw lots of friends and were happy, happy, happy. 

...and then he wanted to pose for one picture...that is totally blurry.

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