Weird Wednesday

The only reason today was weird is because we didn't do our normal Wednesday routine.  Wednesday is normally our BSF days.  Yesterday afternoon Rigley started running a fever.  He has had a nasty cough and congestion so it didn't really surprise me.  He woke up this morning and was pretty pathetic.  He needed mommy....ALOT!

Olivia is on fall break so she came over today.  Mom had an MRI on her back and has to be completely knocked out so Livvy came to hang with us while mom was at the hospital.  By this time Rigley's motrin had kicked in and you would have not even known the dude was sick.

Pics with aunt Livvy

And then after nap time back to pathetic.  His medicine had worn off and he was feverish again.

Tonight the big kids had Awanas.  When they got home they got their "twin" pajamas.  Some days these two are the best of friends our the worst of enemies.  Tonight just pajama twins.

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