November Pics in Review

Me and my twin
Goofy boy
Rigley in one of his many helmets
The littles and me
Rigley and papaw
Helmet #2
He holds my face to kiss me
Tuck and me
My boys and me

My kids don't eat the chocolate part of the Oreo
Rigley is spraying his own face with water
Every morning we must look through the fridge
Our new probiotics drink 
Favorite ice cream at the moment
Building a tower taller than her
Paislee, I mean Thor
His newest hiding place
They got into trouble so they had to hug it out

Date Night

This past Wednesday Josh's cousin texted me telling me about a Friends and Family night at Olive Garden.  She is a manager of a new store in Carmel and was inviting us to a free night of food.  Really, how could we turn this down?  They need people to come and help give the staff some feedback and practice.  We are your perfect people for this job.  We made reservations and had a free dinner and date.  Not too shabby!

We were having fun taking pics of ourselves...

Feeling Better

Most of you know that Chaney has had strep a few times this year.  Wednesday evening she started complaining of "being cold."  We knew what was happening.  Thanksgiving morning she woke up with a 101* fever.  She was so bummed she was missing another family event.  Friday she woke up and was still fighting a fever.  Her fever ran around 100* the entire day.  We didn't give her any medicine so that her body would start fighting this virus off.  Mamaw and Papaw came and took the three big kids to see the movie "Frozen."  Yes, we let her go with a fever.  She has been stuck in the house doing nothing fun for a few days.  We put extra clothes on her to keep her warm and off she went.  Finally, Saturday morning she woke up fever free.  Praise the Lord, a fever with no strep.  We are trying to get her to drink as much probiotics as she can.  They antibiotics she has been on have completely worn down her immune system.


Thanksgiving Day

After I was done running, Josh met me at Sarah's to drop off our food and tea.  Chaney started running fever last night so Josh kept her and Rigley at home.  She was so bummed.  She missed the Halloween event at Dad & Barbara's because of strep.  She has complained a little bit of her throat but let's hope it isn't that.  I think her body has no immune system right now.  Her little body has been on antibiotics for about 8 weeks.

Sarah's house was a little chilly so we all stayed around the fire.  It was kind of nice because we all stayed in one room.

Then, apparently, someone stole my phone and started taking some pictures...

About 4:30 we left and went over to moms.  Chaney was still puny so the three of them still stayed home.  Tucker and Pais loved playing with the little dogs.

Pete had a dog in his arms like the entire evening.

The kids also liked putting all the pillows un Uncle Tony...


Drumstick Dash

This year I signed up again to run the Drumstick Dash.  This year there were about 18,000 that signed up. The day before I found out the other two that normally run with me were not doing it.  So, I decided I would still do it by myself.  I decided to run the long course this, 4.6 miles. This year's temperatures were much different than last year.  At 8:30 am the temp was 19*.  Before the race even started my toes and fingers were numb.  After about a mile I finally started feeling my fingers and toes again.

Here are my results...


Not 1...But 2

Today has been a kinda crazy day.  Josh worked half a day so I could go and help with Tuck's class.  After school, Chaney and I went to her ENT appointment.  Tonight since everyone was home early we planned to go out to watch Olivia's game.  After the doctor we got home and packed everyone up and left.   We took the back way down to the highway and then discovered we had a flat tire.   Josh quickly changed the flat and put the spare on.  We turned around in a drive way then our spare went flat.  For real?  I decided to run home, yes literally, jeans and all to get the other car.  We packed the kids and the car seats in the other car and we took off for the game.  Better late than never, right?  Josh stayed with the van and AAA came and towed him into town.  Apparently our valve stem in our spare was bad.  That would have been nice to know.

Here are my munchkins trying to stay happy....or goofy.

ENT Appointment

Chaney and I visited her ENT doctor again today.  Her current strep count (for those curious) is four since Labor Day and five since last September.  Today he said her tonsils looked good and then said that he thinks fives times in one year is a good reason to get your tonsils out.  I asked him the routine questions and found out that she will be out of school at least one week.  He normally does surgery out here on Fridays so technically she would miss six days and thats if all goes well.  She would have to miss sports for two weeks.

Right now we have decided to wait.  December is always crazy for anyone, especially us.  Our family kind of has a lot on our plates right now so we are going to wait a few weeks and see how she does.  We have met our deductible for the 2013 year so it would be nice to get it done this year if it needs to be done.

Thanksgiving Feast

Today I had the privilege to help with Tuck's class.  Josh was kind enough to take some vacation time so I could go in and help out with his class and their Thanksgiving Feast.  It's always so much fun to see the kids in their "school environment." Tuck's class is on the left hand side and he is the 4th from the front.

Here is a pic of the entire class in their fancy attire...

This year they had a food drive and whichever teacher collected the most food had to wear the turkey suit.  Here is the winner...

This year they did something different from last year.  They did the "turkey dance"....not to be confused with the "chicken dance."  Below is a little snip of the kids walking around doing their dance.  They entire school (k-3) was walking the hallways dancing.

I have a lot of fun helping with the kids classes.  It's so much fun listening to the random things kids ask and say.  Today the only weird question I got was, "What kind of soap do you use in the shower?"  Random?


Cake Pops

Life around here for about the last week has been crazy.  It's nice to get out and do things to keep my mind focused on other things.  This afternoon my friend, Jill, texted to see if we wanted to come over and make cake pops.  Jill's daughter, Claire, and Chaney are in the same class at school and they were on the same soccer team this fall.  Tucker was there too playing with Drew but they didn't hang around long enough to get pics taken.  Jill and I have struck up a great friendship and have fun running and hanging out together.  

Here is Claire eating a cake pop all dressed up.

The girls being goofy...

We made a ton of pops and had such a great time doing it.

Here is Jill, Emily and Me...

Jill and myself...
(Josh told me this, "You guys could be sisters, you look so much alike.")


Family Pics

Tonight I picked up our disc of pictures.  This is my Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift to myself every year.  I love seeing the final product.  I'm not so much a fan of picking out clothes, fighting kids, hair and wind.

I have updated the pages on this blog.  If you go to "Our Bunch" you will see the updated pics of the kids.  Below you will also see some behind the scene pics.

On these next two pics we are trying to do something to get Rigley back with us.  He was done.

This pic was taken at the end of the first session (yes, we had to do this twice).  This is Rigley and his sucker and his "I won" pose.


Stormy Sunday

Since we went to church last  night we all were able to sleep in today and just take it easy.  Both Josh and I were raised going to church on Sunday so for us to sleep in was a bit strange.  We decided to take advantage of today and finish putting up or Christmas things.  The tree has been up for about 10 days but not decorated.  Today we pulled everything out and the kids enjoyed helping.  This is what the tree looks like with all the lights off.

Today was also a very stormy day.  We knew that some storms were rolling in but we had no idea how significant they would be.  After all was said and done about 27 tornadoes struck in the state.

This is what it looked like before the storms...

After the storms hit Jaclyn's house she saw a rainbow.  She sent us this pic.

After the storms hit here the sun finally showed enough to show off the many colors in the sky.  Josh went out and took this pic.