Basketball Evaluation

Sorry no pics for this post.... In the summer Josh and I made a rule that the kids had to be in first grade before they got involved with a sport.  Well, we broke that rule already.  This winter the kids are playing basketball.  If you know Tuck, he will need something this winter.  We will need him to do something this winter.  They are playing in an Upward league here in town.

Tonight we went over to the local church for an evaluation night.  This was just a basic test of a few basketball skills.  To make sure the teams are even they do these tests and score the kids.  As soon as we got there the kids found all their friends.  Tuck's buddy Gabe was their and these two quickly forgot about basketball and just started talking.  They are so funny together.  Chaney's friend Allison was there along with Catrece.  I think this season will be a lot of fun....maybe because I'm a huge basketball fan.  I'm not sure if the teams with be broken up by boys/girls or just grade level.  We'll see.  I did volunteer to coach Chaney's team so we'll see what kind of dynamic this will throw us.

PS-I love watching little people play sports.  So much laughter and innocence, just enjoying fun with friends.

Quick story: Tuck's little friend Romie was there too.  Romie is a cheerleader this year.  She told her mom and dad that she would only be a cheer leader if she could cheer for Tuck's team.  They tried to persuade her to cheer for her sister's team.  It didn't work.  She was head strong on only cheering for Tucker's team.  Finally, they gave in and let her cheer for his team. Her parents were telling me this story and just laughing.  Apparently, she talks about Tucker....ALOT!

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Emily said...

Fun! I'm so glad you're coaching!