Feeling Better

Most of you know that Chaney has had strep a few times this year.  Wednesday evening she started complaining of "being cold."  We knew what was happening.  Thanksgiving morning she woke up with a 101* fever.  She was so bummed she was missing another family event.  Friday she woke up and was still fighting a fever.  Her fever ran around 100* the entire day.  We didn't give her any medicine so that her body would start fighting this virus off.  Mamaw and Papaw came and took the three big kids to see the movie "Frozen."  Yes, we let her go with a fever.  She has been stuck in the house doing nothing fun for a few days.  We put extra clothes on her to keep her warm and off she went.  Finally, Saturday morning she woke up fever free.  Praise the Lord, a fever with no strep.  We are trying to get her to drink as much probiotics as she can.  They antibiotics she has been on have completely worn down her immune system.

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