Friday Night

My mom called earlier in the week asking for all her grandkids to come stay the night tonight.  My mom currently does not have a sub so she has been working 6 days a week for quite a while.  The one Saturday she had off she was getting all the kids.  We had planned to do something with the Nye's. Fortunately, the Nye's are understanding and they didn't care that we backed out.  Actually, Jason and Josh still got to go on a "man date" (totally just made that term up, let's not tell them about the phrase).  I took the three big kids over and stayed for about an hour.  

Rigley and I came home and set up the Christmas tree.

Later on in the night mom sent me these pics.  She had all the kids except Josiah, Hank, JJ and Rigley.


Emily said...

Looks like they had fun! I just love that picture of Rig by the tree!

Amy Brown said...

What a brave Mamaw! That's awesome that they get to spend time together like that...what wonderful memories they'll have!