Halloween...Take 2

eated around our neighborhood.  This is the first year that we have done this.  In the past we have gone to grandparent houses or to the church.  We dressed the kids in layers under their costumes so that we didn't have to do coats.  We all went out.  Rigley didn't wear his costume (again) so we didn't let him get any candy.  He's a party pooper!  The dude didn't even want to wear his coat so we let him freeze for a bit.  Then we thought CPS  may get called on us so we took him home.

Tonight we did have to change Paislee's costume because she was going to freeze in her Pocahontas dress.  She went as a zombie and I think she liked it.

Josh and Rigley made it about half way through the night then they went home.  We met up with some neighbors and walked together.  The kids loved walking through and seeing all their friends from school and the bus.  They had a great time.

Checking out all the candy they got...Rigley was helping.

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