Paul's Accident

This morning I got a text from Jaclyn telling us that they had an accident at their house last night.  Last night they boys were playing and Paul fell off his top bunk (around 9 pm) and hurt his neck.  Jaclyn heard Paul cry out like he had never cried.  She went in and he was complaining of his neck.  Rick works second shift and got off early for some reason (a God thing).  When he got home Paul was still not himself and by this time they had called a family member who is in medical school and he urged them to take Paul to the ER.  Rick drove Paul to the ER close to their house.   They did some testing and about 3 am the CT scan came back with  the result of a break in the second vertebrae. At this point they transported him to St. Vincent's Peyton Manning Hospital.

Jaclyn stayed at home all night, not sleeping, of course.  Mom went to Jac's early this morning.  Jaclyn was finally able to get to see Paul and Rick.  Sarah and my dad are with them right now.  Here are some updates...

11-14-13 9:15 am : Jaclyn texted this morning and said that Paul had a very restless night.  I'm sure its hard to get comfortable and get good sleep in that brace.  So far this morning he is doing well.

11-13-13 2:50 pm : Paul was finally able to eat some lunch and it is staying down.  He did get up and walk earlier today.  Praise the Lord!

11-13-13 11:00 am : Paul hasn't gotten sick in about the last hour and is starting to drift off to sleep.  The doctor said yesterday that if Paul did have a concussion there if nothing they could do for him.  Rest is the best thing.  According to the MRI's and CT scans there was no bleeding in the brain and no swelling due to the fall.

11-13-13 (next day) 8:35 am:  Received a text from Jac saying Paul did get a good nights rest as did everyone else.  Also, Jac said Paul has been puking since 6 am.  Paul hasn't had anything to eat in the last 36 hours.  His little body can not even move in that brace and now he is puking.  His new brace got "broke" in a very unpleasant way.    

6:15 pm : Finally home
JJ is happy to see her brother.  Paul is happy he is finally home.  He got in the car when it was Jac and Rick and was starting to talk and act himself.  Rick carried him in and placed him in the corner of the couch so he could sit up and watch tv.  His brace is very tight and keeps his neck up and in place.  This brace can not come off.  He will have to take sponge baths. It actually helps with the pain though.  This little dude has still had no pain meds and no food.  Please pray that his appetite comes back and that the pain would soon subside so he can get up.  Also, pray that he is not scared anymore to walk and move because of the pain.  Jac, Rick  Paul are so very exhausted.  Please pray that they get good sleep tonight and that they can all rest comfortably tonight.

5:30 pm : Leaving the hospital

4:50 pm : Received a text from Jaclyn and they are sending him home in 45 minutes.  The doctor finally came in and said that Paul has a clean break in his neck.  Fortunately, Paul has age on his side. His bones will continue to grow and fuse together.  They will see Paul back in 4 weeks to do another x-ray to make sure it is all healing well.  If at that time things don't look to be improving then they will discuss surgery and halo.  But we all know and have faith that Paul will be healed by then.

2:40 pm : Jaclyn just sent me this.  He is now in his new brace.  According to Jac he is feeling as good as can be expected.   He is very tired.  He was up all night at the ER and being transported to another hospital.  He still has some pain when he moves.  They are still waiting to talk to the doctor.

2:23 pm : Sarah just sent this pic.  This is the brace Paul will be in.

12:58 pm : Just got a text from Audra saying this, "Goodnews! No surgery just a neck brace for 8 weeks or so.  The doctor hasn't been in yet but the nurse came in to relay the message. They said he can sit up and eat but he (Paul) doesn't want to cause he thinks it will hurt." 

12:06 pm : Paul is back from MRI.  Brain and Spine team will begin to look at results.  

As of 10:43 am : This pic was sent by Sarah.  He is on no medication and is told not to move.  He can move his feet.  The doctor just ordered a MRI for him.  Pray he can sit still.  Also, the doctor should be in around noon. 

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