Rigley is 2

Dear Rigley,

Today you are two years old.  Who knew what a perfect blessing you would be to complete our family.  Personally, I think you really enjoy being the baby of the family.  You love to have the other kids love all over you.  You love to give hugs, especially to your siblings and mom and dad.  When you hug you pat the back of the other person so tenderly.  You have such a sweet smile and gentle spirit.  In the last few months I have noticed some rebelling in you.  I’m not sure if this is because of your age, because you are the youngest or maybe its just part of your personality.  It’s fun to watch but sometimes aggravating too.

In the last year (actually the last six months) you have started sucking your thumb.  We are not really sure where this came from.  Our guess is it has something to do with your teeth coming in.  You never really took to a pacifier or a blanky so maybe 18 months into your little life you realized you needed something.  We normally catch you sucking it when you are tired.  It’s not too often that its in.

You are my little side kick.  You love your momma.  You like to help me do whatever it is that I’m doing.  Lately, you like to help unload the dishwasher.  Putting away the silverware is your specialty.  When getting everyone ready in the morning you are the one who likes to have his hair combed and styled.  Your blonde hair is so  crazy and thick that we love it.  We don’t want to cut the curls out quite yet.  Your dad often says, “Don’t cut the curls out because its the last bit of baby on him."

You love Team Umizoomi, Dora and Bubble Guppies.  YOU LOVE THESE SHOWS.  Lately we have found or listened to you really laugh at Bubble Guppies. Like belly laughing.  You have such a contagious little laugh that it makes us laugh too.

Talking is not something you are in a hurry to do…at all.  In the last few weeks you are starting to say more and more.  Paislee was a late talker so we are guessing you are following in her footsteps.  Paislee and you do have a special bond.  You guys are together all the time and now share a room.  At night we can hear you guys laughing and giggling and it makes us smile.  You love her.  She is your partner in crime.  You two remind me so much of Chaney and Tucker at these same ages.  It’s so fun to see how different (but yet similar) your personalities are.  

You love to sing and march.  At BSF you are always marching around with the flag and they get such a kick out of you.   When we jam out to Taylor Swift in the car you love to dance and sing.  You know the words and its funny to watch your face.

Rigley, we love you so much.  Some days you frustrate us and drive us cray but I bet we drive you crazy too.  Each day you make us smile and so proud to be your parents.  Watching you grow up and interact with all your siblings makes our hearts swell with pride.  You are truly a perfect gift from God and a perfect ending to our family.  We love you bunches Rigley Benjamin!

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