Strep...Round 4

Chaney started running fever Saturday afternoon and complaining of a sore throat.  Lucky for us, we have been through this a few times so we knew what was coming.  This time she had a cough though.  This was the only difference from the previous three times.  She has been battling a cold this past week and has only been off her antibiotic a week.

This morning we (me and three kids) went to the doctor to get Chaney evaluated.  She tested positive again.  Our doctor could not believe it.  She did prescribe a stronger antibiotic so we are hoping this kills anything and everything still living of this virus.

She was supposed to see her ENT doctor tomorrow but needless to say we had to postpone that visit.

In these pics below she was so tired.  I also did not give her motrin before we left so she was running a fever and wanted to lay down.  When she laid down the little two had fun messing with her.

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Have they talked about taking out her tonsils? That same thing would happen to my sister and as soon as her tonsils came out, she's never had another case.