Thanksgiving Feast

Today I had the privilege to help with Tuck's class.  Josh was kind enough to take some vacation time so I could go in and help out with his class and their Thanksgiving Feast.  It's always so much fun to see the kids in their "school environment." Tuck's class is on the left hand side and he is the 4th from the front.

Here is a pic of the entire class in their fancy attire...

This year they had a food drive and whichever teacher collected the most food had to wear the turkey suit.  Here is the winner...

This year they did something different from last year.  They did the "turkey dance"....not to be confused with the "chicken dance."  Below is a little snip of the kids walking around doing their dance.  They entire school (k-3) was walking the hallways dancing.

I have a lot of fun helping with the kids classes.  It's so much fun listening to the random things kids ask and say.  Today the only weird question I got was, "What kind of soap do you use in the shower?"  Random?

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Emily said...

Hahaha! What kind of soap DO you use in the shower?! :-)