Broken Bone?

My children are not the most graceful kids around.  In fact, most days I feel like they all need to wear helmets as they play.  Maybe even a big bubble would do better.  Paislee, is most definitely grace in motion (insert sarcastic snicker).  Yesterday she was coming down the stairs and tripped and fell down the last four.  She didn't get a nap and was super whiney last night so when she was still complaining about her arm I just kept shrugging it off.  Last night we played ball on the floor and she would not use her right arm.  Climbing up to her bed she wouldn't use it.  I thought after she forgets about it and sleeps then in the morning we will go to BSF and she will forget about it.  Well, that didn't happen.  She got up and was still complaining.  I looked at both her arms/elbows and it looked swollen.  So, I decided to skip BSF and take her to the doctor.  Our doctor wasn't available until 3 or 4 so we opted to see the NP.

Her before pic with an animal cracker in her mouth.

The NP put her through a few tests and then began to push around.  Pais kept telling her it didn't hurt but when the NP would push certain areas Pais would jerk her arm away or grimace in pain.  So off the the x-ray room we went.  Paislee was so good and listened and did everything she was told to do. The x-ray ladies said they were a little nervous when they saw her age.  They thought it would be a fight.  After x-rays and suckers we went back to our waiting room.

We waited and then were running out of things to do so we pulled out a pen and started tracing our hands all over the paper on the table.  At this point we had been there about an hour.  Not fun!  The NP came in and said that she looked at the x-rays and then had our regular doctor look at them too.  At this age the growth plates are very important so they wanted to make sure they were not damaged in any way.  Then just to double check they sent the x-rays back to the person who reads them.  We got the ok that all is well.  Apparently, Pais just really bruised her elbow.  Tylenol and Motrin will be her friends for the next few days.

I tell ya, if it weren't for bad luck our entire family would have no luck at all.  Holy cow.....

After it was all said and done (and 90 total minutes of being at the dr) this little lady was worn out.