Christmas #2

No, you didn't miss the post on Christmas # 1.  That was scheduled for last Saturday but due to rain/snow/sleet it was cancelled. Tonight we celebrated Christmas at Dad & Barbara's.  She made a pork tenderloin with all the fixin's and lots of dessert.  The kids were so excited when we got there because there was 12 HUGE boxes with a name of each grand child.  After dinner and a wrestle session and push-up session it was time for gifts.  (Jac's boys are really into push-ups so we always make Hank do some for us, ha!)

The pic below with all the girls has Mo in it.  Some of you know the story about Mo.  She joined us tonight and fit in perfectly.  I'm just a little jealous because its the dead of winter and she has a tan.  We maybe seeing a lot of her in the next week or so;-)

All the kids got bean bags with their names on them.  They were a hit.  The kids love them.  What's better then sitting in a bean bag?  Putting them all together and jumping into them.  Yep, that's how we roll.

Rigley needed his flashlight in the picture too...

Rigley found the magician hat and loved wearing it.  Actually he liked seeing himself in it.  I wanted to take one picture and he enjoyed seeing himself so much that we just kept snapping pics and it turned out a little something like this...

Can you say Mr. Personality?

It has been raining for about 24-36 hours here.  Many parts of our area are extremely flooded.  Tonight on our way home we passed two hydroplaned cars.  It is extremely scary around here.  We also passed cops sitting at roads closing them because of the high water.  Stay safe everyone!

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