Christmas #5 - C-mas Morn

We are so thankful that the kids slept in until 8:30 this morning.  Whew!  That was so nice.

Our santa likes Double Stuff Oreos with milk.  This year Tucker made some reindeer food at school so we left this out so the reindeer would have enough energy to fly Santa around.

After the reading the Christmas story from the Bible they all piled on daddy for a picture.  This was before presents.

This little boy was so thrown off from his normal morning routine.  The allure of Christmas presents wasn't enough to make him happy.  His normal routine is to get up, get his clothes changed then drink some juice and watch Team Umizoomi.  When we told him "no" we got some tears.

Finally, it was time for presents...

After presents we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus then enjoy some French Toast Bake.  

This year we made it a priority to stay home on Christmas day and enjoy it as a family.  In the past several years we wake up open gifts then are quickly on the move to a few other places.  This year Josh and I talked and we wanted to be home.  The kids were able to enjoy their new gifts and we could just enjoy this day together.

Some Highlights:
Rigley got a big basketball goal and could not wait for daddy to put it together.  He was shooting baskets while Josh was putting the net on. (Tucker did the same thing when he got his about four years ago.)  Paislee got some boots which she wore all day.  Tucker got some new baseball stuff that can't be used until spring time so he was a little bummed.  Chaney got a Rainbow Loom.  Needless to say she worked all day on this.  Josh and I don't usually get each other anything.  Boring, I know, but that is normally how we roll.  And we are both perfectly fine with it.  This year I surprised him and got Apple TV for him.  He had the whole week of Christmas off so I gave it to him early so he (and us) could all enjoy it.  I guess this gift is really for all of us, not just for him.

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