Christmas #6 - C-mas at Mom's

After staying home all day we packed up about 3:30 and headed to Mom's.  She had chicken, noodles, mashed potatoes, corn and all kinds of desserts waiting on us.  I tell you what, we have eaten very well at all of our gatherings.  Our families know how to cook!  All the kids exchanged stories on what they had received and us big kids had a great time laughing at and with one another.  

Mo joined us again for our family event.  She is becoming a regular around here.

After dinner and present time my cousin, Julia, and her kids came over to visit.  Julia watched us a lot when we were growing up.  She and her family live in Kansas and she normally comes in each Christmas.  Now that the Tinsley side doesn't get together anymore it is hard for us to see her.  We are so glad they came to visit for a bit.

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