Christmas Parties

Christmas break is finally upon us....but first, Christmas parties.  Josh is off for the next week so I was able to go in and help with Chaney's class and Tuck's class.  I got there early and helped Chaney's teacher and other mom's set up for the party.  

Here is her class taking a break and reading Junie B. Jones.  Chaney loves these books.

Here are some pics that Jill took and sent to me...

After about 45 minutes I cut out and went to help the kindergarteners.

Here is Tuck making his Christmas tree.  All the kids made such a huge mess but had such a great time.

This is Tuck's buddy, Gabe.  This dude is a riot and on our basketball team this winter.  We may not get much accomplished this season but I'm sure we will have fun.

This is Romie and she is about as cute as a button.  She sure has a thing for Tucker.

After all the sweet treats, making reindeer food and the gift exchange the kid took a break and watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.

I love going in and helping with the kids classrooms.  I love to get to meet and see all their little friends and get to know their teachers just a little bit better.  Chaney sure does have a great teacher who is filling in on maternity leave for her "real" teacher.  And Tucker's teacher is awesome as well.  We love their school.

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