Jolly Days

Since we did church last night we decided to take the kids up to the museum this morning.  Usually Sunday mornings are not too busy so we wanted to take advantage of it.  We had a great time and were able to get down the slide a few times.  The kids also got to enjoy Playscape for the first time.  

Just a nice story...When we were playing in the race car Tucker let a little girl go in front of him.  I was off chasing Rigley so I didn't even see it.  The mom came up to me and told me what a nice thing he did and that she was very grateful for that.  I love when people tell me nice things about my kids, especially Tucker.  I know Tucker has a great heart for others but sometimes we are together too much that I don't get to see it.  He and I have a lot of rough days so hearing news like this is always refreshing.  

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