January Pics in Review

A new diet book for mom and us
My first book of 2014 that I devoured in about 36 hours (it's excellent and the author has a new book coming in February too)
A night of Rainbow Looming
Waiting on the (first) blizzard of 2014 and cold weather
My second book of 2014
Pais doesn't take many naps these days but on this day she did inside her tent

A new bracelet design
Pais fashionably watching her device
I got a tweet back from Beth Moore (woohoo!)
The kids are obsessed with a new song at church so we found it on Youtube and the kids were watching the video
Rigley in "work" goggles
Just us being goofy
Pais falling asleep one night before bed with the remote in her hand
Rigley watching mamaw and papaw pull away on a Home Depot Day
Twister on New Year's Day

(Most of you who read this blog know me well and know that I am NOT a reader.  I'm not sure I could say that any more plainly.  Never been a fan of reading...EVER!  This year I am trying to change that.  So far I've read two book and am half way through a third book.)


Visiting Faye

Today I had a dentist appointment up in Indy.  After the appointment I headed up to see Jaclyn and Faye and take some dinner up to them.  When I arrived she was all full and ready to cuddle with her aunt Katie.  I got to hold her for about an hour.  She was wide eyed and ready to look around and take it all in.  After a bit she started to fall asleep.  Seriously, there is nothing better than holding a sleeping brand new baby.  I do miss newborns...but not enough to have another.  I'm starting to like sleeping normal hours again.  I'll just hold and snuggle with my friends and family's newborns.

Everyone seems to be adjusting well to Faye's arrival.  Jaclyn's other kids were all in rare form tonight and extremely full of themselves.  And by watching Paul jump and move and do barrel rolls you would not even know he had a neck brace on.  It scares me at times watching him maneuver around the house.


Fun With Mo

Weather here has been absolutely crazy.  The kids' school has been on a delay last week and we started this week on another delay.  Sarah texted last night to see if we could keep Mo.  

Rigley is waiting for Mo so he decided to put Chaney's vampire teeth in.

Mo got here about 11:30 and had not had a nap yet.  When she walked in the door Rigley and Paislee were both so happy to see her that they both sat on the couch wanting Mo to sit with them.  Sarah sat Mo there and they were both so happy.  They seriously only played with Mo for about 5 minutes then I fed her and put her to sleep.  She slept for about two and a half hours.  During that time my kids ate lunch then Rigley layed down for a nap.  When he got up Mo was gone already.  He was bummed.

After Mo got up she was one happy girl.

You should see Mo's face when Sarah walks in the door.  She loves her!


The wind last night was crazy.  I woke up at 2 am and listened to the wind.  While I was up Jaclyn was on my mind.  So I started praying for her not knowing what was going on.

When I got up this morning I received a text about 8 saying that I was an aunt again.  Faye Mariam entered the world at 2 am.  She weighed in at 7 lbs 11 oz and was 20" long.  She is officially Jaclyn's biggest baby, weight wise.  This little lady was in such a hurry to enter the world.  Jaclyn said she called her midwife around 12:45 am and by 2 Jaclyn was pushing as her midwife was walking in the door.  Little Faye was in a little bit of shock because of the quick delivery but is doing well.


Sledding with Friends

This afternoon I received a text from Jill asking us to come over and sled.  Rigley was laying down for a nap so the oldest two and I headed over.  We loaded up our sleds and had fun.

They had a few extra kids there so we had six kids, two dogs and two adults.

We stayed out for about 2 hours then went in and had some warm drinks.  The kids played for a while and Jill and I hung around and talked.  On our way home I got (free) dinner for the kids and Josh had made dinner for us.  This looks pretty tasty, huh?  He did good!


Saturday (No) Fun

Our kids were so disappointed today.  We got word last night that our Upward games had been canceled.   We were supposed to get 2-4" snow and have 35+ mph winds.  If you know anything about Indiana weather those are not good combinations.  The kids were so bummed. We had our practice canceled on Tuesday because of no school and now no games.

We decided to have a lazy day until I had to run some errands and take Chaney to a birthday party.  This little dude wore around his hat and boots but never went out.  This is how we found him after lunch.  Reading a book in a hat and boots is ok, right?

This is the only pic I could get of Chaney and Allison.  

We ventured out to church tonight and started through the country.  After a few passing attempts with other cars and drifty roads we quickly turned around and went back to the main roads to go to church.  On our way we saw three cars/trucks off the road.  These roads are horrible around here.  Mother nature is working against us.


Just Some Fun...

School was back in session today, but w had a 2 hour delay.  Due to the cold I'm guessing we have a 2 hour delay for the rest of the week.  We'll see what happens.  BSF was canceled today so we were able to stay at home.  With it being so cold out the little two and I don't go out much.  I can't blame them. 

Today we had some fun taking pictures of ourselves.


No School - Again...

Last night we knew we were going to get some snow.  Actually, it was only 2-4".  However, apparently know one knew the wind that was going to come with it.  Blowing snow is no fun.  Driving in blowing snow is no fun.  I got the call about 6 am that we were on a 2 hour delay.  Then about 8 another call about no school.

Today was my day to run to the grocery.  We were low on food.  No school and no food means we all go the grocery.  Fun times...in Josh's car, no less.  And it was freezing so everyone was in hats.


100 Days

It's hard to believe but the 100th day of school is quickly approaching.  Tucker's teacher sent home the info this past weekend so we tried to figure out what to do.  We have to decorate the "100" with 100 things.  Tuck wasn't really much help in trying to brainstorm on what to use.  I kept throwing out ideas but they all got vetoed.  Finally, he said he wanted moving eyes.  So, moving eyes it was.  We checker boarded the "100" and then added on the moving eyes.  

Finally project....that I forgot to rotate.  Doh!


More Snow Fun

Today when Josh went to clean off the drive we sent all the kids out to play.  It was a little chilly.  Rigley was eating so much snow that we were sure his cheeks would be super chapped.  The wind was enough to make you cold pretty fast.  They stayed out for about 30 minutes.  It was enough to get some energy out.

This dude eats the snow constantly.

Pais got into the eating action today.

Rigley then wanted to help daddy clean the drive.  He helped him go back and forth quite a few times...then he had to stop for a snow break.

Then, he had to get his mower out.  I wish we needed a mower right now.  Wishful thinking, right?