Baby, It's STILL Cold Outside

Today school was canceled again.  Josh did make it to work with only 10 of his employees.  It is still crazy cold here.  The pic below was taken around 9:30 am where it was -10 and the wind chills were -30*.

Chaney started on another craft this morning.  She got this bag from aunt Sarah and started coloring it.

After a lunch, Chaney decided to start on her math work.  This math book is sent home at the beginning of the year and they are "supposed" to do pages in it as supplemental work or help.  We haven't done it in quite a while.  So today she wanted to work on in.

Nap time temps...it's a heat wave!  We are above 0*.

This is our newest favorite album.  We haven't been watching much TV, we've been listening to lots of music.

As of today, we have officially been stuck inside for over 48+ straight hours.  We are tired of each other.  We need fresh air and to be out.  We ate dinner here then loaded everyone up and went to town to get some ice cream at Culvers.  I know, when it's this cold why do we want ice cream?  Well, we wanted out so we would have taken anything.  Rigley wanted his hat and gloves on so when we took his hat off at Culver's this is what we got.  This is about the straightest we have ever seen his hair.  This its dry here?

Finally out...

The roads were not good.  In town they were incredibly bumpy and still snow/ice covered.  Culvers was not very crowded but the pizza places were packed.  I think everyone needed out like we did.

We got home last night and the temp had gone up even more.  Not sure what to do about this heat.

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