Day 4 of No School

Kids are still out of school.  Today I heard them doing this.  Then I went to watch and video...I did this right  before I stopped them from jumping anymore.

Josh had rehearsal practice at church so we decided to venture out this evening so the kids could get some energy out.  The roads there were not too bad.  But it started snowing again so they were slowly getting worse.  We managed to make it there and play for about 60-70 minutes.  

Pais was moving so fast she was nothing but a blur.

The two big kids would not let me get their picture. 

Right before we left we got a call saying school was on a 2 hour delay.  Finally, the kids were going to go back to school. Then...on our way back home they called and canceled school.  Canceling was probably the best idea.  Kids have no place to stand to wait for the buses.  Roads are still pretty bad.

Hopefully Monday will bring back our normal routine....hopefully!

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