First Basketball Games

This year the two oldest are playing in an Upward basketball league at one of the church's here in town.  When we first signed the kids up I had volunteered to be Chaney's coach.  I inquired about being Tucker's assistant coach.  When the roster's came out I was promoted to Tucker's head coach.  I would rather do it then some parent forced into the roll and not want to do it.  

Our first practice was scheduled for the week of the "Polar Vortex" so it got canceled.  In fact everyone's first practice was canceled so we were all in the same boat with only one practice then a game.  Tuck plays at 8 am every Saturday (BOOOOOO!) but when you are the youngest that is how it goes.

Tuck and myself

First basketball game

Tuck and his buddy Gabe.  These two see each other everywhere.

In the rush of going from one game to another I didn't get any pics of Chaney and I until after the game.  We liked taking pics so we kept on taking them...

I was pleasantly surprised with both of the kids.  They both took a few minutes to warm up but then got the hang of it and started playing very well.  Chaney was a little more aggressive than I anticipated.

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