Saturday Fun

Today we just kinda took it easy...at least for the first part of the day.  Josh fixed his car.  This guy fixed our sweeper last week and then fixed his car this week.  These were not minor fixes, they were pretty big deals.  He saved us a ton of money by doing it himself.  He's awesome!

Anyway, we went to Saturday night church.  Look at this handsome guy.  His hair lasted like this for about 5.2 seconds then it went back to craziness.

We were invited to some friend's house to watch the Colts game.  After church we were anti-social and quickly cut out to go watch the game.  Initially, we though we would stay until halftime.  Just knowing our kids halftime would put it around 9:30 and the kids normally go to bed at 9.  Well halftime came and went and the kids were still going strong so we stayed.

Here is Drew and Tucker playing a video game.

The girls stayed downstairs and drew most of the night.  Oh the difference between boys and girls.... Once the game came on all the kids played together.  Even Rigley was playing with them.  Rigley was so good tonight.  He was full of himself and was quite the entertainer.  Usually when we are out he is shy and is a cling-on.  Not tonight.

Here is Claire being goofy...

We ended up staying the entire game.  We didn't leave until 11:30 and the kids were still doing very well.  We had a 10 minute drive home and everyone fell asleep in that short time.  They were wiped out.  Getting back to a normal routine on Monday will be rough.

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