Saturday (No) Fun

Our kids were so disappointed today.  We got word last night that our Upward games had been canceled.   We were supposed to get 2-4" snow and have 35+ mph winds.  If you know anything about Indiana weather those are not good combinations.  The kids were so bummed. We had our practice canceled on Tuesday because of no school and now no games.

We decided to have a lazy day until I had to run some errands and take Chaney to a birthday party.  This little dude wore around his hat and boots but never went out.  This is how we found him after lunch.  Reading a book in a hat and boots is ok, right?

This is the only pic I could get of Chaney and Allison.  

We ventured out to church tonight and started through the country.  After a few passing attempts with other cars and drifty roads we quickly turned around and went back to the main roads to go to church.  On our way we saw three cars/trucks off the road.  These roads are horrible around here.  Mother nature is working against us.

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